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Perhaps the most encouraging and hopeful of all the inspirations of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, has been the dedication of 2021, to the holiest of Fathers, St Joseph.

We are enthusiastically and faithfully supporting him in this spiritual initiative and have available to purchase the most recently published book of Father Donald Calloway,  Consecration to St Joseph.

Although the Scriptures mention this Holy Patriarch only a handful of times,  Fr Calloway’s 326 page publication is filled with information, dates, beautiful art work about and prayers to, St Joseph.

Of course, its primary purpose is to draw us closer to the man whom God, Himself, chose for the most important fatherly role of all.

The Consecration preparation itself, takes up to 33 Days but the information gathered along the way in conjunction with selected prayers to this wonderful Saint, will give us all a new vision of and love for St Joseph.

In addition, there are numerous chapters that speak of him in relation to Jesus and Mary, the Church and his attributes as outlined in the Litany of St Joseph.

Truly, this book has been compiled in such a thorough and engaging manner and will surely bring to fruition what it has set out to accomplish, devotion to this Holy man, Patron of the Universal Church ….  dear St Joseph.



“In the most troubling situation in which the Church finds herself today, the fatherly protection of St Joseph, first exercised in the Holy Family and then in the universal Church, is now more needed than ever.  Drawing upon the long tradition of devotion to St Joseph, Fr Calloway invites us to consecrate ourselves to the heroically pure and just St Joseph.  Consecration to St Joseph is a rich handbook by which to come to know the wonders of the life and vocation of St Joseph, to grow in devoted love of him and thus to invoke daily his protection for the Church”.  ……His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, DD.


“In Consecration to St Joseph, Fr Calloway has given the Church a precious gift.  St Joseph is the Patron of the Church and the Terror of Demons!  Our spiritual father will teach us to place God above all things, strive for purity of heart, maintain a profound interior life and have boundless confidence in unchanging truth.  Now is the time for individuals, families, parished and dioceses to consecrate themselves to the spiritual fatherhood of St Joseph!”.  ….. Most Rev. Athanasius Schneider, ORC, DD


“Years ago, I was given a copy of  “True Devotion to Mary” by St Louis de Montfort.  That book impacted my spiritual life like no other and I have recommended it to many people.  I believe that Fr Calloway’s Consecration to St Joseph will have a similar impact in the spiritual lives of people around the world.  If the Blessed Virgin Mary is our spiritual mother and refuge, St Joseph is our loving spiritual father and the missing piece needed in a world searching for truth, peace and hope.” ……Jim Caviezel – Actor, “The Passion of the Christ”.



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