First Holy Communion – Cross


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This is a beautiful ceramic Cross with the Symbols of Holy Communion – the Chalice and the Host – as well as the Wheat and Grapes.

Soft tones of Purple, Green and Yellow complilment the gold accents.

The letters IHS stand out from the Host.

Dating all the way back to the third century, Christians shortened the name of Jesus by only writing the first three letters of his name in Greek, ΙΗΣ (from his full name ΙΗΣΟΥΣ). The Greek letter Σ (sigma), is written in the Latin alphabet as an “S,” resulting in the monogram being commonly represented as ΙΗS.

In the early centuries of the Church it was a secret symbol, often etched on tombs of Christians. Then in the 15th century, Saint Bernadine of Siena went on a preaching campaign to promote reverence to the Holy Name of Jesus and encouraged Christians to put IHS on the doorways of their homes. A century later in 1541 Saint Ignatius adopted the monogram to represent his newly founded order, the Society of Jesus. The symbol now permeates Christian art all over the world.

A beautiful remembrance of a very special day when we receive for the first time, the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as He instructed His disciples 2,000 years ago.

Cross stands at a height of 10cm x 8cm.


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