Giotto Icon Crucifix – Standing 13.5cm Italian


Giotto, crucifixion, crucifix, Mary and John, sterling Silver, standing, wooden.

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In contrast to earlier representations of Christ on the Cross,  Giotto emphasizes the earthly heaviness of the body: the head sinks deeply forward and the almost plump body sags.

The human side of the Son of God is made clear. Mary and John look down sorrowfully from the horizontal ends of the cross at the dead Lord.  This is probably Giotto’s earliest surviving work and is the largest and most ambitious of the shaped panels of Christ on the cross painted by Giotto.

This famous work of art is here transformed into a beautiful standing crucifix created by means of press work on a metal sheet.  It is further enhanced by the dark wood onto which it is imprinted.

Imported from Italy, the crucifix stands at 13.5cm including the base.

Beautiful gift for any occasion.

made in Italy


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