Prayers After Communion Holy Card/Medal


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This is a wonderful little package comprising Holy Card, Prayer and Medal, all encased within a laminated sleeve.

Often times, we as adults fail to appreciate the great worth of what we receive in Holy Communion. It is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. The same Body that suffered and Blood that was spilled for our sake on Calvary. How do we give thanks for such an outstanding gift. Sadly, too often, we don’t know what to say after Holy Communion or we are not given enough time to even contemplate what we have just received, before the Mass is completed and we are off to the next event requiring attention in our busy day.

The words in this prayer should awaken in us a realisation of Who we are receiving in this Blessed Sacrament and why we should desire more and more to receive Him who can help us so much from day to day, in all the challenges of this life.



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