Re-Thinking Mary in the New Testament – Edward Sri


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How can just the words “hail,” “full of grace,” or “woman” reveal so much about the Mother of Jesus?  This in-depth, fresh look at Mary in the Bible explores every key new Testament reference to Mary.  Drawing on recent issights in biblical scholarship and traditional wisdom sometimes overlooked, Dr Edward Sri devotes entire chapters to analyzing the small scriptural details to help us know better who Mary really is and the role she plays in God’s plan of salvation.

“This is Sri’s best book so far – and that means it is an extraordinary book indeed.  A book like this could only be authored by someone with a mastery of contemporary biblical scholarship who also happens to be a lifelong scholar of Mariology (Mary).  This rare conjunction describes Edward Sr.  Easy to read, serious and scholarly, this book delivers on its promises.  Here we meet the Mary whom the Evangelists aimed to reveal to us.” – Dr Matthew Levering.

As Catholics we honour Mary as the Mother of God.  Sadly, we do not know this Heavenly Mother as we should.  She has been CHOSEN by God to co-operate in His plan of Salvation.  How is it that many do not acknowledge this amazing role that she was called to play in our Redemption – she is co-redemptrix.  This book will enlighten you (us) as to just how splendid a Mother we have in Mary and moreover how we should emulate her words and actions as the “first among believers”.




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