St Benedict Medal on Chain


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The St Benedict medal has become one of the most popular medals amongst Catholics and this one will be no exception.

The colours of Red and Blue really highlight the images and initials that decorate the medal.

During his life, St. Benedict was known to work many miracles using the power of the Holy Cross. Among these included his heroic flight from temptations and miraculous escapes from traps set to kill him.

Saint Benedict became known for his power over the Devil, with the Holy Cross as his efficacious instrument to make the Devil flee. The St. Benedict medal is based on this tradition.

The medal as we commonly know it today (the Jubilee medal) was first made in 1880 to commemorate the fourteenth centenary anniversary of St. Benedict’s birth by the Archabbey of Monte Cassino, the most important monastery established by the Saint in the 6th century.

There is a special blessing to be given by a Catholic Priest for the St Benedict medal.


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