The value of Spiritual reading cannot be over-emphasized and regrettably is largely over-looked in our day, due to so many distractions in our daily lives and to the technological ‘advances’ with which we are presented and occupied.

However, we seek to offer a wide range of literature to increase and enhance our customers’  Spiritual knowledge and well-being in order to draw them closer to God in Whom we “live and move and have our being”.

It is our pleasure to host a reputable variety concerning Prayer, Scripture, Education, Biographies, Apologetics, Catechetical, etcetera. In addition, if we do not happen to stock that which our customer is seeking, we will endeavour to source and retrieve that title for them.

Finally, our literary menu provides for all ages and interests… from the avid and accustomed reader – to the infant starting out on the path of literary discovery.

We look forward to assisting you in growing closer to God and becoming a Saint.