How is it that the thoughts or actions of ONE man can propose disruptive and destructive legislature and be taken seriously?  Have the names and actions of men such as Hitler, Stalin or Idi Amin, been forgotten?  These men wrought evil upon their own citizens which had far-reaching effects beyond their own shores.  However, decades later, our memories have dulled and indeed these prominent names of history and their atrocities seem to have faded.  Today, those who seek to do harm (albeit a blindness, for which we should feel pity), are less obvious and so their actions and ideals are introduced with a ‘sugar-coating’ and under a very subtle guise of ‘doing good’.  Such a subtlety can be identified in the current proposal from David Seymour.  The Seymour bill uses vague wording that is open to wide interpretation and application.  It proposes that any New Zealand citizen or permanent resident 18 years or older would be eligible for ‘assisted dying’ under certain conditions.

From a moral perspective, it is wrong to take the life of another.  Life is held in high regard when it is full of youth and vigour, but life also has a natural progression which, for some, will sadly develop into infirmity or disability.  While these situations or conditions are upsetting  for those directly affected, they can also have the effect of bringing people together in an effort of love and concern.  We are already witnessing the dramatic change in our society’s psyche.  Today is very much a ‘me’ focused generation, beginnning at a very young age.   We need a society that cares for itself but also others and then we would not be trying to ‘alleviate’  suffering by encouraging premature death. Life is so precious and it is only as you get older that you realise that every day you open your eyes and can hop out of bed with a peaceful heart and able body, that nothing can ever be better than that achievement and blessing.

From a plainly human perspective, there still abides the rule DO NOT KILL. If the death of an individual through homecide or accident provokes serious consequences, then why are we even considering promoting the planned homecide of any individual.  The long-term effects of such erroneous thinking will be devastating…’finger in the dyke’ scenarios usually ensue once legislation begins to allow for changes that affect the  natural law.

What is David Seymour thinking?  I presume he is a New Zealander who is supposed to be a representative of other New Zealanders or NZ Citizens.  That is purely and simply his role.  Perhaps he sees this as an opportunity to make his ‘mark’ in New Zealand Politics or History?   Such endeavours should be to effect the good not the demise.  I strongly urge all Members of Parliament who represent the ‘common’ citizen.  Look deeply into your conscience and if you think or pray or search long enough, you may realise that Mr Seymour and his proposal are not going to benefit anyone.  You may even find that one day you too will be the unhappy, reluctant recipients of Mr Seymour’s misguided ‘initiative’.

So, as in numerous situations, there is a simple action to this pending threat  and it can be applied by all able-bodied, right-thinking, reasoning and reasonable human beings…say NO.

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