Prayer is the “Lifting of the Heart and Mind to God”.

We know the importance of communication in our day to day dealings/relationships with others, whether it be relative to family, friends or spouses.

It should not come as a surprise then,  that communication with God is of even greater value. For if we have that special communicative relationship with Him, we are likely to benefit in all these previously-mentioned relationship areas.

There are four ends to prayer, easily recalled in the acronym ACTS – Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving (very important) and Supplication (we never seem to have trouble asking).

Ultimately, prayer is getting closer to God.

Recognising that prayer is also very much an individual journey, we hope to cater for each Pray-er in his/her endeavour to get to know God better and Love God more.

It is our hope that there is something here for YOUR spiritual journey and growth.

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