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Although this book is entitled Catholic Saints for Children, acquaintance with the Saints is something that we should all seek.

The Saints were ordinary men and women- some were even children – like ourselves, who loved God so with such a great love, that they lived each day as best they could for love of Him.

Some, admittedly, were extraordinary and went so far as to make the ultimate sacrifice, the giving of their own lives in death just as the Master had done for them, for us all.

So it is, that our children – the next generation- should be equipped with the stories, new and old, of these courageous men, women and children.  These are the true “superheroes” imitate.  We can fill our children’s heads and lives with so many unimportant  things and though these are innocent in themselves (most of the time), we are wasting precious time – time that is given to each of us in an unknown quantity.  This lovely book – and others like it – will introduce them (and ourselves) to real people who lived in this real world and by their lives our children will learn that the mission entrusted to each of us from the smallest to the ‘greatest’, is to take God to a world in need of Him.  The greatest ideal or goal that they/we should have is to get to Heaven, so doing by living the way God would have us live, the way in which these Saints can show us.



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