Our Lady of Grace Holy Water Font – Luminous


Holy Water font featuring an image of Our Lady of Grace.

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This is a beautiful little Holy Water Font with the image of Our Blessed Mother Mary as she appears on the Miraculous Medal.  Rays of light emanate from her hands as a symbol of all the Graces she has ready to give us, if only we would ask for them.  She is the Woman clothed with the Sun, mentioned in Revelation and the Woman who delivered the Son.

The dish on this little font, is made of sturdy plastic and is luminous, so it will shine in the dark.

Every Catholic home should have a Holy Water Font positioned at the front or back door, so that family members and friends can bless themselves as they head out the door.  In addition, they may also be placed around the house and in bedrooms, for additional protection and in order to lift hearts and minds to God.

Measures 13cm X 6cm


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