Here at Family Life International New Zealand, we endeavour to keep our friends and supporters informed about life issues from the moment it begins at conception, through to its natural completion, in the context of Catholic morality and through providing practical help and support.

We uphold the dignity of the Human person in its entirety and that includes the spiritual composition of man as a gift given by God, in order that we may know Him, love Him and be happy with Him when our eyes close on this world.  In order to know Him, we must firstly learn of and about Him, from which knowledge emerges love and joy.

With this in mind, and in keeping with the command to ‘Go forth and teach all nations…” we wish to tap into the great spiritual treasures of this wonderful Catholic Faith and fill hearts and minds with God’s Word and instruct them in the teachings and traditions of the Church.

‘Life’ is a key word in our organisation and we want to defend it on all fronts.  One greater than ourselves affirms this purpose …”I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10).

It is our hope and prayer that this new endeavour will indeed fill up the searching spaces of hearts and minds and grow them for the greater Glory of God and the salvation of Souls.


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