My Baptism Bible for Girls


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A lovely little hard-covered Bible to introduce the little one to the Lord.

Before you open this little Bible, you will find a beautifully decorated padded cover with a small square window cut into the centre,  to allow for a photo of the newly Baptised to be placed.

The inside pages have provision for the name of Baby and the date of the Baptism.

There is  also, a Thank You prayer to God the Father for this new life and a page provided for name, date of birth, weight, colour of eyes and hair and address of the child.

A few pages in, there is a lovely illustration of a tree with spaces provided for the names of Grandparents and Parents – the Family Tree.  In addition, a page entitled My Progress to list all the ‘firsts’ in this little one’s life.

It is then that we are introduced to approximately 55-60 stories from the Bible, each one illustrated beautifully and explained simply.

Finally, there are a few pages dedicated to prayers and blessings at the end of the book.

A truly beautiful gift for any little one – infant or toddler – on the very important and special occasion of their Baptism, when they become a Child of God.


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