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Meet Nicole Caruso, former beauty editor of Verily Magazine, who unfolds a variety of elegant and tasteful clothing styles on a budget you can afford.  She is a mum and wife on a mission: to bring out “the feminine genius” in you.

Nicole was inspired to start this movement after having her second child.

A pattern was again emerging where she was wearing clothes that felt convenient, instead of things that made her feel in touch with who God made her to be. Rather than saving her most favorite pieces for an occasion “worthy of wearing” she decided to switch her mindset. Our worth comes from our inherent dignity, and each new day is a gift to celebrate. With intentional personal style, we can share our story and live out our mission in a way that attracts others to Christ.

“Everything we own should be a reflection of who we are. Our clothes are connected to our stories, our memories, and our personal style is an introduction to who we are before we even make eye contact. When we grace our bodies with clothing that connects us with our inherent dignity, we shine.” — Nicole M. Caruso

Nicole M. Caruso


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